Appropriately named The House of Velvet, Tracy is an up-and-coming photographer, sought-after and admired for her exceptional taste and impeccable styling. Satisfying clients and models alike, her colorful designs pop with the kind of effortless beauty that all women crave.  Tracy's designs have been worn in theatrical film, television, pageant and stage productions world wide and photographed  for numerous events and publications.

Who is Victoria Velvet 

Well-known for exquisite custom details and fine quality materials, the Victoria Velvet Collection offers an ever evolving array of corset-based costumes and dresses. Established in 1999 by Tracy Fowler, Victoria Velvet specializes in unique, show-stopping garments meant to grab attention and hold it. As a retired model and former worldwide touring feature entertainer, Tracy is well versed in dressing for stage shows, film, magazines, print, theater, pageants, television and much more. Having sewn since the age of twelve, she has honed her luxurious style into designs that are engaging, well-made and truly one-of-a-kind.

                        Tracy's designs cater to the client's needs and sizes no matter who they are. Hand-tinted feathered costumes, reconstructed vintage wedding gowns, vintage inspired dresses and gowns, one-of-a-kind hats and accessories are just a few of the collections' signature items. Greatly inspired by the Vintage Paris and Old Hollywood fashion, Tracy searches private auctions and collections worldwide for vintage lace and trimmings that she can reconstruct into her designs. Using an eclectic mix of modern and vintage fabrics, she carefully assembles designs that are fresh while giving a nod to history. Salvaging and reusing vintage pieces has made her a "green" designer and someone that understands the value of something previously worn and cherished.